Life Under No Label

I get asked numerous times by friends and clients what I am? Am I a VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, PESCATRAIN, RAWIST... the list goes on! I never know how to answer because, in fact, I am strictly none of those.

What I have come to realise is people like to put a label on you, it helps them to understand you and put you in the relevant box. But, what if I don't want to be in any of those boxes?!

The danger of these labels is by putting ourselves in a box it means we must comp with the extensive tick list that comes with these labels. And if we fail? Failing to comply with these rules can often lead to the same feeling you may feel after falling off an impossible diet. 

It has taking me my entire 20s to come to this conclusion. After trying ALL of the above boxes, succeeding at them for a moment in time and then either failing or getting bored I came to this conclusion - What about saying 'Eat what is best for you and your body.' 'Listen to yourselves and feed yourselves accordingly.' How about YOU make the rules. When I started making educated choices, deciding my own flexibility and focusing on quality of ingredients I have to tell you not only did I feel great in my body but I felt a sense of freedom.

I took this philosophy into The Whole Life Meals. My main focusing is on finding excellent produce that is mainly plant-based, cooking it as simple as possible and serving it freshly to customers.


3 simple rules to follow:

- Buy food that doesn't come in a packet

- Buy locally wherever possible and bio if it's in your budget

- If you opt for something you consider not good for your body be kind to yourself and make your next meal a beautiful tasty balanced plate. 

(One added extra, add herbs and spices to your meals and feel your taste buds come alive)

If you do this you will apply daily healthy habits without following any strict rules.