My Health Coaching Practice

I wanted to write a blog post to explain my role as a health coach as often, especially in Europe the term Health Coach and its role in the health world isnt one you hear often.

As a lot of you know I love cooking...and eating plant-based foods and sharing it with you but my second love is passing my knowledge on to others and that's where my coaching comes in.

What is 'being healthy'?

A question I thought I knew the answer to, a big bowl of greens and 5 sessions a week at the gym right? What I later came to learn was that being 'healthy' was way more than what was on your plate. You could eat all the plant-based foods in the world but unless your relationships, career, exercise and spirituality were healthy, all the spinach on your plate would not get you there. Learning this was where I had my 'aha' moment and that's when my real journey began. I slowly started to learn that in order to be truly healthy we must nurture and give equal attention to all of these parts of ourselves. Now, I'm aware that that can seem quite daunting, just finding the time to work on one of those areas can be tough but that's when my job as a coach comes in.  

To back track a bit, I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York to become a holistic health coach. I started on this journey because I wanted to expand my knowledge in the holistic world. I had been doing a lot of personal research on this subject and over time came to see the huge healing powers of adopting these practises compared to relying soley on western medicine and I wanted to inspire others on how to live their healthier life. 

Often the difference between an unhealthy and healthy person can be a matter of changing small daily habits. Habits that, over time, have lead us to an unhealthy lifestyle; not enough sleep, not drinking enough water, not stoping for lunch, putting our self last, sound familiar ?  Seemingly small things I agree but the repetition of these bad habits can contribute to many different health complaints. 

What is my role as your coach

My role as a health coach is first to listen.. and then to help you identify the bad habits you may be making. Second, we look at how we can change them... this is done by setting weekly goals that you go away and work on. They can be as simple as drinking more water, changing the way you shop or taking time to go to a yoga class. This may seem simple but just by repeating these new habits over the course of a few months can have a huge impact on your life.

 We are all beautiful, unique and individual and so is our journey through wellness. What works for you won't work for your colleague so as we go along in our coaching sessions together we discover your body, your mind and your own wellness path. 

 I hold YOU accountable

The difference between you setting yourself a goal to go and take a weekly yoga class and setting one with me, your coach, is huge! Studies have shown we all perform better under observation. Having me as your coach hold you accountable can lead to deep long lasting changes and you will see yourself following through on your commitments that you have been putting off. 

Lastly, I wanted to finish by saying that although I am your coach I am not coming from a position of having it all figured out or to show you how to live a certain way. Just like you, I'm still evolving and learning and I hope I never stop but what I am here to do as your coach is guide, inspire, hold you to your word and teach you my learnings. The rest is up to you... 

If you want to know more about my coaching I still have a few spots left - I'd be so happy to hear from you