The Healthy Diet Staples French Girls Are Stocking Up On


Americans have committed to the healthy food boom in recent years, excitedly experimenting with zoodles, cauli rice, and other creative pasta and bread swaps. We drink green juices, swap cacao for chocolate, and fully embrace plant-based eating. Turns out, French women are starting to see the wellness light, too. According to a recent Elle article, the classic French diet—noshing on rich cheeses (inflammation be damned), baguettes, and cream-filled desserts—is on the decline.

New health data indicate that vegetable consumption is up, smoking is down, and organic grocery stores are expanding. Health coach Natalie Kent tells Elle that her Paris-based company, The Whole Life, is thriving. (Not even French women are immune to inflammation and gut problems, it seems.) With Kent’s help, they are trading in their dairy-rich and wheat-based diet staples for whole grains, fruits, veggies, and protein—all organic.

Plus, French culture already turns meals into events (AKA no one’s scarfing a salad over a keyboard at work), mindfully enjoying every bite. Kent is building on that healthy habit, teaching her clients how to savor delicious, whole foods.

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