About us



Having lived in cities all my adult life, I know first-hand how easy it is to neglect your body and mind whilst working towards career goals, family and just general life pressures. With the added stresses of the modern age and it’s ever quickening pace, it's easy to forget that in order to be the best you can be, you must first nourish your body and mind with the necessary nutrients, space to breath in nature and time spent to move and stretch your body. 

MY JOURNEY into wellness started in London, where I trained in one of the most highly competitive industries - the professional dance world. In pursuit of the perfect dancer's body I began a highly restrictive diet… eliminating most major food groups and replacing them with anything caffeinated, alongside an intense training schedule.   Praised and complimented by my mentors for my continuously slimming self, I carried on until I was living off just vegetables. Needless to say - my body protested. I had no strength, no stamina, no life behind my eyes, and sadly… the burning passion I had for my craft gradually began to dissipate.   After becoming injured due to lack of strength and added hours pounding the treadmill, I decided enough was enough. I took back control, left the industry and trained at the renowned Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York where I graduated as a Holistic Heath Coach and then went on to study to be a yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance .

With the knowledge and tools I had gained I knew I wanted to teach and inspire others. A relocation to Paris followed and it felt the perfect time to set up The Whole Life.

With The Whole Life, I have made it my personal mission to help you on your journey to feeling good - both mentally and physically. 

Whether that's help in the kitchen learning to cook delicious plant-based meals or rolling out the mat and taking time to quiet the mind, stretch and flow or just offering some advice on living a more 360 degree approach to a holistic way to life I am here for you...


With love,